They mysterious "Knight Rider Heroes" revealed another clue - with a teaser trailer that sees David Hasselhoff back in the role of Michael Knight.

'Knight Rider' returning to big screen, but what car will play KITT?

More to come we're sure, but visit their website to sign up for more details. Over the last year, Lion Forge comics has released a digital comic based on Knight Rider.

Written by television scribe Geoff Thorne Law and Order, Ben 10 with explosive artwork from Jason Johnson Generation X, The Flash, Wetworksthe graphic novel is a modern-day reboot but with all the important pieces intact.

The trade paperback is labeled as Vol 1, which contains eight of the previously released series.

A New Knight Rider Movie Is Being Made

Here is hoping there will be enough issues for a Vol 2! Don't get your tailpipes in a spin, internet dwellers - but NBC posted some mindless video for your viewing.

Though the title is a bit misleading, they don't actually remix the original soundtrack but rather put new songs along side the traditional episode feed. Which one is your favorite? The slow elevator jam of number two reminds of some classic late night 80s crime dramas. Today is an incredibly sad day for Knight Rider fans all around the world, as Glen A Larson - the creator of Knight Rider - has passed away at the age of 77 from esophageal cancer. We at Knight Rider Online would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to Glen's family during this difficult time.

Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We were always excited to chat with him at Knight Rider events and we are sad that his dream to bring Knight Rider to the silver screen will continue without him at the helm. The Hollywood Reporter. Last month, WWE Studios yes, the wrestling folks announced production of a movie starring Ken Jeong Hangover as a man who tries to win a celebrity death pool by killing David Hasselhoff.

Hulk Hogan has a cameo hence the WWE connection. The Hoff is one of the producers and will also appear in the film as himself in a small role. KITT will have a small part in the movie as well.

Knight Rider Online obtained a casting call looking for voice actors for the role:. KITT, who has a combative relationship with David's agent, is actually a man that sits in the back seat of David's car and speaks to him from there.

Three lines.

KTdaGoat - Knight Rider (Official Video) Shot [email protected]_

Variety covered the initial film announcement. KITT and Michael are back together! But their relationship seems to be in trouble Samsung released a new extended commercial online promoting their Smart Home products.

In the ad, David Hasselhoff tries to explain all of the new features, only to be constantly interrupted by a very jealous KITT. We get a look "behind the scenes" of the commercial to hear the Hoff explain the appeal of Knight Rider and to make sense of his partner's behavior. Not a year has gone by in our nearly twenty years of online without a rumor of a Knight Rider feature film. But could now be the time? We reported last year when a rumor surfaced that The Weinstein Company had hired Brad Copeland to pen the script, and this latest news builds ontop of that.

No other specifics are given, but the casting leads them and us to believe that a comedic slant is in the cards - one that worked well for 21 Jump Street, but maybe not as well for the Duke of Hazzard remake.

Also no word was given on their intended roles, but many are suggesting - and we agree - that Pratt as Michael Knight and McBride as the voice of KITT could work nicely. That is of course, if they keep the character framework that we all know intact for what is being spoken of as a complete reboot. This year, in addition to the amazing replicas, and stars like Rebecca Holden they're working on some fun new surprises - be sure to head over to their facebook page for more information.Iconic 80s TV series Knight Rider looks set to return in film form.

Deadline reports that former video game writer TJ Fixman is adapting the screenplay, and the new version will be set in the present day. Starring David Hasselhoff as crimefighter Michael Knight, and his high-tech, artificially intelligent talking car KITT, Knight Rider ran for 90 episodes across four seasons from The action-packed show had an iconic theme song and has lived on through countless TV syndications, amassing a huge fanbase.

There have been three made-for-TV spin-off movies based on the series too. Read more: Dirty Dancing sequel announced. Hasselhoff has yet to respond to the news. Yahoo has contacted his reps for comment. It was crazy. InHasselhoff said he was in discussion with Robert Rodriguez to make a gritty Logan -style follow up film to the series.

Entertainment Home. Follow Us. Tom Butler Senior Editor. Yahoo Movies UK August 7, View photos.

Knight Ridder

David M. What to Read Next. Yahoo Music. Yahoo TV. Yahoo Celebrity. The Wrap. Entertainment Weekly.Knight Rider is coming back. The director behind AquamanJames Wan, is developing the film, with writing duties falling to videogame writer and screenwriter TJ Fixman.

Will David Hasselhoff make a cameo? Will we see the return of the Pontiac Firebird? Will we hear that simply amazing theme tune?

Let us fill that time with your desires.

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This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use. You are here News Movies Knight Rider is being made into a new film. Read more on: Movies. Is this Brabus estate the coolest used car on sale today? Why a Morgan takes a whole month to build. Why is our Toyota Supra getting so much attention?

What do you think? View comments This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Hennessey is building a bhp Ford Bronco.

The Bugatti Bolide is a mind-blowing 1,bhp track car. Big Reads. Big Read. Honda's new-fangled electric city car meets its absurdly equipped ancestor Seven electric motors and a taste for drifting - the Mach-E likes to smoke.David Hasselhoff "Baywatch," "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" stars as Michael Knight in his breakout role as a crime fighter who awakens from a serious injury with a new identity. Wilton makes Michael the primary agent for FLAG, giving him a new identity via plastic surgery and the name Michael Knight, plus an arsenal of equipment to continue his crime-fighting work.

Elsewhere," "Boy Meets World"a heavily modified and artificially intelligent Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the ability to talk, fire weapons and travel at high speed.

Michael and KITT work together to take down criminals who operate above the law. Muir"who provides mission details, and by Dr. Created by Glen A. The show aired on NBC for four seasons, from toand created a spin-off "Team Knight Rider" and a reboot in Knight Rider Season 1 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Knight Rider. The Six Million Dollar Man. The Incredible Hulk. Miami Vice. The Bionic Woman. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Quantum Leap. Battlestar Galactica We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our cookie policy.A Knight Rider reboot is coming to a theater near you. The original show ran from to on NBC. It featured David Hasselhoff as an ex-cop who becomes a private crimefighter under the secret identity of Michael Knight, pursuing his cases with the help of an artificially intelligent self-driving Pontiac Firebird Trans Am named KITT.

The iconic property has been rebooted several times on TV, most notably inwhen NBC tried it with an entirely new cast and gasp! It failed miserably, and the season was cut short after just 17 episodes. That being the case, what car will be Knight's sidekick this time around? Since Pontiac went out of business inits traditional sister car is the most obvious choice. From to the two sports cars shared a platform and were distinguished mostly by their bodywork.

In fact, an animation demonstrating its flexibility depicts it with a Camaro-type body that would look great with pop-up headlights and a red light bouncing back and forth across the front of it. But like Greg Brady playing Johnny Bravo on "The Brady Bunch," the pointy, allegedly-autonomous, stainless steel pickup with a light bar across the front sure fits the suit.

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That suit, of course, being a black vinyl wrap fitted over its difficult-to-paint stainless steel body. Gary Gastelu is FoxNews.Multiple reports indicate James Wan, who has directed numerous hit movies, is producing a new movie adaptation of Knight Rider with Spyglass Media Group. However, we do know the script is being written by TJ Fixman, who got his start writing for the video game industry. The big question on our minds is what kind of car will be used for KITT?

That might depend on whether the movie goes along the fairly recently trend of leaning on 80s nostalgia like in Stranger Things or if this is a modern adaptation. KITT really should be a Hellcat — there, we said it. Just remember that James Wan directed Furious 7so the guy has experience with CGI-heavy car stunts, for better or worse. The company is also working on a film reboot of the Scream franchise. Zeta weakens to tropical storm over Alabama after making landfall as Category 2 hurricane in Louisiana; at least 1 dead.

Economy grew at record But growth could slow.

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Its headquarters was located in San JoseCalifornia. The first company was founded by John S. Knight upon inheriting control of the Akron Beacon Journal from his father, Charles Landon Knightin ; the second company was founded by Herman Ridder when he acquired the New Yorker Staats-Zeitunga German language newspaper, in As anti-German sentiment increased in the interwar periodRidder successfully transitioned into English language publishing by acquiring The Journal of Commerce in Both companies went public in and merged on July 11, For a brief time, the combined company was the largest newspaper publisher in the United States.

Knight Ridder had a long history of innovation in technology. It was the first newspaper publisher to experiment with videotex when it launched its Viewtron system in In Octoberthe company placed its eight broadcast television stations up for sale to reduce debt and to pay for the purchase of Dialog. It was, at the time, the most expensive newspaper acquisition in history.

For most of its existence, the company was based in Miami, with headquarters on the top floor of the Miami Herald building. The internet division had been established there three years earlier. The company rented several floors in a downtown high-rise as its new corporate base. In Novemberthe company announced plans for "strategic initiatives," which involved the possible sale of the company.

This came after three major institutional shareholders publicly urged management to put the company up for sale. At the time, the company had a higher profit margin than many Fortune companies, including ExxonMobil.

In the run-up to the invasion of IraqKnight Ridder DC Bureau reporters Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel wrote a series of articles critical of purported intelligence suggesting links between Saddam Husseinthe obtainment of weapons of mass destructionand Al-Qaedaciting anonymous sources. Landay and Strobel's stories ran in counter to reports by The New York TimesThe Washington Post and other national publications, resulting in some newspapers within Knight-Ridder chain refusing to run the two reporter's stories.

After the war and the discrediting of many initial news reports, Strobel and Landay received the Raymond Clapper Memorial Award from the Senate Press Gallery on February 5,for their coverage. The Huffington Post headlined the two as "the reporting team that got Iraq right". However, for various reasons, McClatchy decided immediately to resell twelve of these papers.

Daily newspapers owned by Knight Ridder and its predecessors — listed alphabetically by place of publication — included:.

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It was spun off after Ridder's merger with Knight Newspapers, Inc. In earlyKnight Ridder announced its exit from broadcasting, selling all of its stations to separate buyers; the sales were finalized in the summer and early fall of that year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.